Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Long term individualised care plans for patients with chronic inflammatory diseases aim to reach and maintain clinical remission.  But the natural course of diseases often presents a number of challenges to the treating physician and so an adequate response to treatment may not be achieved by all patients.

For example, up to 40% of patients treated with anti-TNF alpha therapy do not respond to the induction phase of treatment whilst a further 20-40% lose response in year 1.

Being able to predict the outcome of a given treatment for a given disease has the potential to deliver significant clinical and economic benefits.


Though this clinical utopia may appear challenging, already we are making good ground and there is a growing body of evidence that supports the role of therapeutic drug monitoring in diseases such as IBD and Rheumatoid Arthritis to provide valuable information about drug efficacy and prediction of clinical response.

Step up or step down treatment

Reduce drug spend

Select concomitant therapy

Safely switch drugs

The increasing popularity of biosimilars, the challenges of switching biologics, the advent of new biological drugs, and the introduction of biobetters all require a more personalised approach to IBD management. Recent advances in the application of Therapeutic drug monitoring assays means that clinicians now have an additional set of tools that can help identify, predict, and manage loss of response in symptomatic patients on e.g. Infliximab, Adalimumab, Ustekinumab, Golimumab and Vedolizumab. This has been made possible thanks to the increasing amount of evidence substantiating the benefits of using e.g. IDKmonitor assays in routine clinical care from UK IBD cohorts.

Therapeutic drug monitoring in IBD


Assays for therapeutic drug monitoring in IBD

Therapeutic drug monitoring in Rheumatology


Assays for therapeutic drug monitoring in Rheumatology

Assays for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for chronic inflammatory diseases

BIOHIT HealthCare is the exclusive distributor for the market leading IDKmonitor assays in the UK and Ireland. We have a great understanding of clinical and laboratory needs when it comes to providing a therapeutic drug monitoring service and our experience and expertise spans 10 years of supplying these specialist assays to the NHS.

At BIOHIT HealthCare we don't just supply kits. We believe that our hands-on approach to supporting our customers really makes a difference and will give you the confidence and expertise you need to establish a successful service. We help laboratories scope, prepare, validate and transition to a live service provision through a clearly defined process that is extremely effective. If your laboratory is looking to set up a therapeutic drug monitoring service for biological drugs please feel free to ask us for an introduction with no obligation.