Smart test for Vitamin D

Preventis SmarTest Pro® is a revolutionary Digital Rapid Test that brings state-of-the-art diagnostics closer to the patient. You can now measure your patients' vitamin D status in a rapid and convenient manner by combining an accurate rapid test and smartphone app. This means the test can be done easily in your practice, pharmacy or clinic.


From a single drop of blood collected from the finger tip, SmarTest Pro delivers fast, accurate and quantitative Vitamin D results that can be used as part of your routine clinical investigations, specialist follow-up applications (e.g. Vitamin D status in IBD) or lifestyle reviews.

SmarTest® Pro Vitamin D

Preventis SmarTest Pro® Vitamin D rapid test is a patient friendly lateral flow device which is combined with a smartphone app that scans and accurately quantifies the test result giving a Vitamin D (25(OH) Vitamin D) concentration in ng/ml.


The test is calibrated against laboratory methods of analysis, so can be relied upon to provide accurate results. Results are stored in the app enabling you to monitor the results over time and commence or adjust supplementation at the time of the test.

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SmarTest® Pro Vitamin D

  • Lab-in-your-pocket technology

  • Room temperature storage

  • Fast and simple sample preparation 

  • Easy to use app with animated procedure guide

  • Free app usage

  • Ideal for Pharmacies, GPs and Clinics

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