Laboratory services at BIOHIT HealthCare

When a new in vitro diagnostic test is brought to market, it can be challenging to get access to the technology right away. This is why BIOHIT HealthCare has its own dedicated service laboratory offering analytical tests for the novel products it supplies. We also partner with other laboratory providers to broaden the service offering to our clients, covering clinical, research and quality assurance applications.

Laboratories often require access to external quality assurance (EQA) schemes when they launch a new service. BIOHIT offers sample exchange schemes for some of our assays, helping our customers to demonstrate quality in testing before EQA schemes and other local laboratory services become established.

BIOHIT's service laboratory clients include NHS, private pathology providers, healthcare providers and private practitioners.

If you would like more information about the BIOHIT service laboratory please contact us.

Laboratory services

BIOHIT service laboratory

Select for analysis of samples using BIOHIT assays

Genetic analysis laboratory

Select for gut microbiota analysis from faecal samples


BIOHIT also has close links with other laboratories to offer analytical testing for routine and research applications