Smart test for IBD Monitoring

QuantOn Cal® is a novel faecal calprotectin rapid test that enables quantitative measurements of calprotectin in a non-laboratory setting. It is designed specifically for patients who suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), enabling individuals to self-monitor their disease activity by testing their faecal calprotectin levels at home on a regular basis.

QuantOn Cal brings the patient and IBD team closer together without adding pressure to the service. It enables IBD teams to take a proactive approach towards managing their patients' disease with the aim of reducing the need for reactive and rescue therapy.​

QuantOn Cal Smart test

The rapid test is a patient friendly lateral flow device which is combined with a smartphone app that scans and accurately quantifies the test result giving a Faecal Calprotectin concentration in μg/g. The seamless process means that results are automatically sent to the IBD Team managing the patient, who can monitor the disease progression remotely enabling them to intervene with individualised therapy as needed, often before symptoms occur.

Results are automatically pooled in the easy to use Doctor's Portal which is accessible to any team member who has a login. From here, patients' calprotectin profiles are automatically plotted in graphical form enabling close monitoring of their disease's inflammatory status.

QuantonCal SmarTest for IBD management

QuantOn Cal Smart test

  • Discreet pocket sized test kit

  • Room temperature storage

  • Fast sample preparation, 15min test

  • Easy to use app with online support information

  • Free to use Doctors' Portal

  • Free app

QuantOn Cal calprotectin smart test and app for monitoring IBD at home
QuantOn Cal

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