Products from BIOHIT HealthCare

BIOHIT develops and markets a broad range of products that meet the needs of various healthcare applications. We specialise in three main clinical areas:

  • Clinical laboratories

  • Endoscopy and gastroenterology

  • Clinics (e.g. GP practices, pharmacies and outpatient clinics).

Our other specialism lies in disease prevention with our novel, patented methods for eliminating carcinogenic acetaldehyde from the gastrointestinal tract of susceptible individuals. BIOHIT's ACETIUM products have the potential to reduce harm, reduce risks, and preserve health by safely removing acetaldehyde from the mouth and stomach, reducing exposure in individuals with achlorhydria (or on long term proton pump inhibitors), and in smokers.

Lab products from BIOHIT HealthCare

Lab products

Diagnostic tests for Endoscopy

Endoscopy products 

Near-patient tests for clinics

Clinic products

Eliminate Acetaldehyde


Did you know...

BIOHIT's diagnostic products are used around the globe to help identify and monitor gastrointestinal diseases in a variety of clinical and research settings.

Whether you are an IBD nurse seeking ways to remotely manage patients and enhance your virtual IBD clinics, or a pharmacist looking to offer community support services to your patients, contact us to find out how our laboratory, clinic-based (near patient), and home-use diagnostic tests can benefit you.