Tests for gastroenterology in primary care

Dyspepsia and abdominal complaints affect 20-40 % of the population, and carry an economic impact of £500m per year. Symptoms related to the stomach account for around 4 % of all GP consultations and, while half of these appointments are for functional (non-ulcer) dyspepsia, functional gastrointestinal disorders still constitute 40 % of all gastrointestinal referrals.

Changes in bowel habit, abdominal pain and discomfort, epigastric pain and reflux are just some of the symptoms faced by GPs every day. Making appropriate referrals to secondary care based on clinical presentation alone is challenging, expensive and not without risk.


To help GPs manage their patients more effectively and efficiently, BIOHIT HealthCare offers a range of diagnostic tests to give reassurance to GPs at the point of care, and help them to make informed decisions over when to refer. GPs can now employ simple technologies and tests to the benefit of their practice, at a time where there is an ever-increasing burden on gastroenterology resources.

Diagnostic tests for primary care