Ordering the GA-Map® Dysbiosis Test Lx

If you are a patient and have been asked by your doctor to undertake the GA-Map® Dysbiosis Test Lx you're in the right place. Please follow the instructions below carefully to guide you through the process.
Important: The GA-Map® Dysbiosis Test Lx is for professional use only. Only purchase the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test Lx if you have been advised to do so by your doctor, and, they have agreed to receive your test results.

Step 1

Get a Test Request Form from your doctor

To undertake the GA-Map® Dysbiosis Test Lx you need a valid Test Request Form signed by your Doctor. You cannot undergo the test without it.

You will need to have a paper copy of your completed Test Request Form so that you can send it to our laboratory along with your sample.

As soon as you have a copy of your completed Test Request Form, check it has been signed by your Doctor and if it has then proceed to Step 2.

Important: If your doctor has not given you a Test Request Form, or they have not filled it in with complete information, we cannot test your sample. In such a case please contact your Doctor.

If your doctor doesn't have a Test Request Form they can access a copy here.

Please note that if you are using a mobile device to view your Test Request Form you should view it using Adobe Acrobat Reader for your device's operating system.

Step 2

Order your Sample Collection Kit

When you have your Test Request Form completed and signed by your doctor, you're ready to order your sample collection kit.

The GA-Map® Sample Collection kit contains everything you need to collect a stool (poo) sample in the privacy of your home ready to send to our laboratory.

Each test costs £354.00 which includes the cost of the kit, collection and delivery of your sample to our laboratory by courier, sample analysis and sending of results to your doctor.

We also charge £18.00 for the delivery of your sample collection kit to your chosen address.

All prices include VAT and payment can be made using any major credit or debit card.

Sample Collection Kit order form

Step 3

Using your Sample Collection Kit

You will receive your GA-map® Sample Collection kit by courier within 5 working days from receipt of your payment. Once you receive your kit you should follow the instructions enclosed carefully which will guide you through the process of collecting your stool (poo) sample and sending it to our laboratory.

The process is easier than you think. The diagram below details the steps involved and can be used along side the instructions you receive in the kit.

What's in the Sample Collection Kit?

Your sample collection kit contains everything you need to collect and prepare your sample for sending to our laboratory:

  • Instructions

  • Disposable gloves

  • Sample tray

  • Sample collection tube

  • Rigid sample bag

  • Waste bag​

sample collection kit 250 x 128.png
Collecting your Sample

Before collecting your sample, please read the instructions in your Sample Collection Kit in full. You should only produce your sample on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday to ensure the sample reaches our laboratory within 5 days.

IMPORTANT: Do not discard your kit box. It is used in step 5 below to package your sample for shipping.

  • 1

    Stool collection

    Collect stool sample directly into the stool tray provided. No urine or toilet water!

  • 2

    Transfer to sample tube

    Transfer the stool sample into the sample tube (about 10 scoops), taking stool from several parts of the sample.

  • 3

    Close tightly and write details on label

    Close the tube tightly and write your Reference ID (from your Test Request Form), date, and time on the label.

  • 4

    Place tube in safety bag

    Place the sample tube in the RigidSafetyBag which contains a plastic wrap and absorbent gauze. Seal the bag.

  • 5

    Put tube and Test Request Form in box

    Put the sample and completed and signed Test Request Form in the cardboard box and seal closed. Keep at room temperature.

IMPORTANT: The kit box in Step 5 is used to ship your sample to the laboratory. Do not cover any labels or symbols on the box. As soon as your sample is ready proceed to Step 4.


Step 4

Send your Sample to the Laboratory

Once you have collected and packaged your sample it is ready to send to our laboratory for analysis. The package should look like this:

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have enclosed your Test Request Form (signed by your doctor) with your sample. We cannot test any sample without this.

Please make sure that the box is sealed closed and that no labels or symbols on the box are covered or obscured:

You're now ready to book your courier collection. To do this, please click the botton below and follow the instructions provided with your kit.


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