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BIOHIT laboratory services Oyj promotes the evaluation and adoption of our diagnostic tests and analysis systems by engaging and collaborating with the global scientific community.

Collaboration often begins in a clinical research setting, collecting and processing large numbers of patient samples, analysing them using BIOHIT's diagnostic test systems, and analysing the data obtained. Samples originate from healthcare establishments (including clinics, hospitals and medical centres) all over the world in an effort to evaluate the clinical utility of BIOHIT's innovations.

The overall purpose of the BIOHIT service laboratory is to help establish the evidence needed by local healthcare systems to adopt our technologies into routine use. When healthcare systems can make the necessary analyses themselves, with the help and support of BIOHIT, it enables the customer to receive the test results more easily, rapidly and at a lower cost.

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You have access to a large menu of tests through BIOHIT HealthCare and its partner companies. If there is a particular analyte you are looking to measure, please feel free to contact us and we will be able to advise on how to access the service.


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