PepCube Reader and data software for Peptest.

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The Peptest Cube is a portable handheld and easy to use lateral flow device reader that enables the fast quantitfication of Pepsin in saliva samples. Each Peptest Cube read takes just 3 seconds and can be used to evaluate the results of the PepTest either qualitatively or quantitatively. Results are displayed on the screen and reported in ng/ml.

Weighing only 40g and with an edge length of just 41mm, the Peptest Cube can be used as a mobile handheld device or as a desktop measuring device remotely controlled via USB cable from your laboratory or clinic PC, enabling the capture of results in the Peptest analysis software.


The Peptest lateral flow device contains two types of unique antibodies – one is tagged with a colorimetric marker and becomes soluble upon the application of a test sample. The other antibody is found in the nitrocellulose membrane, at the test line. Any pepsin in the sample that is bound at the test line by the two antibodies produces a visible coloured line. The Peptest Cube measures the optical density of the colorimetric Peptest based on reflectance measurements allowing both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the Peptest lateral flow assay.

Lot specific data is transferred wirelessly by radio-frequency identification (RFID) before each measurement and can be stored internally on the Peptest Cube reader itself. Every saved result includes a unique measurement ID, test name, lot number, manufacturer, date and time information.


The measurement data can also be exported via USB from the Peptest Cube Reader Software. The device is powered by battery but can also be powered via the USB cable.


  • Reader and data reduction software for Peptest

  • Utilises RFID card for Lot. calibration

  • USB or battery powered


  • Enables quantification of Pepsin concentrations from Peptest

  • Ideal for diagnosis and therapy monitoring / follow up

  • Provides electronic results capture and reporting


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