IDK Zonulin (Serum) ELISA 96 wells

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Zonulin ELISA

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The IDK Zonulin ELISA is a quantitative assay for the determination of zonulin in serum. 


The assay is a competitive ELISA. Biotinylated zonulin tracer is used to treat samples, standards and controls before being incubated in microplate coated with polyclonal anti-zonulin antibodies.


During the incubation, the free target antigen in the samples competes with the biotinylated zonulin tracer for the binding of the polyclonal anti-zonulin antibodies immobilised on the microplate. Peroxidase-labeled streptavidin is then added which binds to the biotinylated zonulin. When tetramethylbenzidine substrate is added to the complex the resultant colour change is inversely proportional to the concentration of Zonulin in the sample.


  • Measures the concentration of Zonulin in serum

  • Simple competitive ELISA technology

  • Support for both automated and manual analysis methods

  • 5 calibrators

  • 2 controls

  • Capacity for 41 samples in duplicate

  • Total incubation time 130 minutes

  • Easily Automated on ELISA automate (e.g. Dynex DS2)




Storage (°C)

+2 to +8

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