IDK Stool Sample Application System (prefilled with IDKExtract) 100pcs

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Faecal Tests

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The IDK Pre-filled Stool Sample Application System (SAS) is a convenient device for preparing precise stool extracts for assaying. The system comprises a sampling stick that accurately samples 15mg of stool from a homogenised specimen that can be extracted in IDK's universal extraction buffer - IDK Extract.


After sampling, the sampling stick is pushed through a collar that strips away the excess stool and retains it so that precisely 15mg of sample enters the tube. The SAS tube contains 1.5ml of IDK Extract extraction buffer delivering a constant dilution factor of 1:100.

The SAS tube can be loaded directly onto analysers for further dilution and analysis.

The Pre-filled SAS tube is easy to use and eliminates the need to weigh stool samples and pipette Extraction buffers. In busy laboratories this saves time and money because all faecal assays require an element of manual sample preparation and the Pre-filled SAS tube makes stool sample extraction efficient, cost effective and more pleasant for the user.

Pre-filled SAS tubes are supplied in packs of 100 and are stored at Room Temperature.

Calprotectin samples are stable for up to 9 days at room temperature using the Pre-filled SAS Tubes, whilst Faecal Haemoglobin (FIT) samples are stable for up to 7 days.


For further information on sample stability for other analytes please contact us.

SAS Tubes are also available as Empty tubes (please see product code K6998SAS).


  • Rapid Stool Extraction device for IDK faecal assays*

  • Sampling stick precisely samples 15mg stool (constant)

  • Contains 1.5ml IDK Extract buffer (constant)

  • Prepares 1:100 dilution

  • Fast, Clean, Efficient

  • Can be loaded onto automates for further dilution and analysis

*For full list of compatible assays please contact us at or call +44 151 550 4 550


  • Enables Accurate, Fast, and Reproducible extraction of stool samples

  • Saves time and reduces costs associated with weighing samples

  • Empty tubes available (see product code K6998SAS)



Storage (°C)

+2 to +8

Sample type