IDK H. pylori Stool Antigen ELISA 96 wells

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Faecal Tests

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The IDK H. pylori Stool Antigen ELISA is a sandwich ELISA for the determination of Helicobacter pylori in stool samples.


Controls and diluted patient samples which are to be assayed are added to a microplate that is coated with antibodies specific for Helicobacter pylori. The Helicobacter pylori antigen in the extracted faecal sample is bound by the immobilised antibodies during the first incubation step. At the same time, a peroxidase-labeled antibody binds the Helicobacter pylori antigen.


After a washing step a TMB substrate is added and the reaction is then stopped by acid to enable the intensity of the colour to be analysed photometrically.

The method is simple, fast and reliable with a total incubation time of just 70 minutes and can be performed as a manual ELISA or automated on any open ELISA automate (e.g. Dynex DS2).

Stool Sample Extraction

Homogenised stools are extracted using the kit extraction buffer. The extraction process is fast and simple and the 1:5 dilution dilution can be directly loaded on to automated platforms for analysis.


  • Measures the concentration of H. pylori Antigen in stool samples

  • Simple sandwich ELISA technology

  • Support for both automated and manual analysis methods

  • 3 controls

  • Capacity for 45 samples in duplicate

  • Total incubation time 70 minutes

  • Easily Automated on ELISA automate (e.g. Dynex DS2)


  • Monoclonal Ab test system

  • Fast procedure

  • High capacity kit

  • Useful for confirming current (active) H. pylori infection in the absence of: Atrophic Gastritis, bleeding ulcer, PPI use



Storage (°C)

+2 to +8

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