Gastrin 17 Stabiliser, 1 x 5.5 ml

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Gastrin-17 Stabiliser is used for samples undergoing analysis by the GastroPanel blood test. Once centrifuged, plasma sample should be stabilised using Gastrin-17 Stabiliser.  Simply add GastroPanel Stabilizer to the plasma sample as a 5% solution: Pour off or transfer the plasma into a separate labelled screw cap tube and add two drops (50 μl) of the GastroPanel Stabilizer solution per 1 ml of EDTA plasma, then mix by inverting the tube. Treated plasma samples can be stored for 7 days at +4 °C or 3 days at 20-25 °C. For temporary storage, the plasma samples can be stored frozen at -20 °C, but for long-term storage of over two weeks, the storage should be stored at -70 °C.


  • Gastrin 17 stabiliser for plasma samples

  • Supplied as 1 x 5.5ml dropper bottle


  • Stabilises Gastrin 17 in plasma:

    • 3 days at Room Temperature

    • 7 days at 4°C

    • 2 weeks at -20°C

  • Ideal for preparing GastroPanel plasma samples prior to transportation



Storage (°C)

+15 to +25

Sample type





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