Gastrin-17 Advanced ELISA Kit, 96 wells

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The BIOHIT Gastrin-17 kit is a microplate-based quantitative enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the determination of human amidated Gastrin-17 from plasma or serum samples.

The Gastrin-17 Advanced ELISA is based on a sandwich enzyme immunoassay technique with a Gastrin-17 specific capture antibody adsorbed on a microplate and a detection antibody labeled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP).

This test is intended to identify Helicobacter pylori infected patients who have an advanced atrophic gastritis in the gastric antrum – these patients have an abnormally low plasma- or serum- Gastrin-17 - and who, correspondingly, are at an increased risk of gastric cancer and of peptic ulcer disease.

Gastrin-17 is also a useful surrogate marker for basal acid output, with high Gastrin-17 being a marker of hypo- or achlorhydria, and low fasting Gastrin-17 being an indicator of high intragastric acidity in H. pylori negative patients.

This assay is part of the BIOHIT GastroPanel product.


  • Monoclonal Ab Sandwich ELISA specific for Amidated Gastrin-17

  • 1 blank, 3 calibrators

  • 1 controls

  • Capacity for 43 samples in duplicate

  • Total incubation time 150 minutes

  • Broad linear range (0.8 - 40pmol/l)

  • Easily Automated on ELISA automate (e.g. Dynex DS2)


Please refer to GastroPanel (Product Code 601300)



Storage (°C)

+2 to +8

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