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Faecal Tests

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GA-Map® Dysbiosis Test Lx is a standardised, high throughput diagnostic test for evaluating the gut microbiota from stool samples. Using 16S rRNA analysis the GA-Map® Dysbiosis Test Lx enables simultaneous analysis of a large number of bacterial gene fragments in one reaction from individual stool samples. 48 specific probes have been selected for their discriminating power (i.e. normal gut vs dysbiotic gut) which represents approximately 300 species detected at different taxonomic levels.

The GA-map® Analyzer Software utilises Principal component analysis (PCA) to build a normobiotic microbiota profile (model). Based on this, an algorithm calculates the dysbiosis score and bacterial deviations from a normal population.

Dysbiosis is defined as a transient or permanent imbalance in the gut microbial community. Test results are presented in an easy to understand report with a personal Dysbiotic Index score. A dysbiosis index above 2 shows a microbiota profile that deviates from a reference population based on an unselected group of asymptomatic individuals (age 18-70).

The Dysbiotic Index Score depends on:

  • Signal intensity from each probe

  • The intrinsic variation from a given probe in the normal population

  • The number of probes deviating from the normal population

The GA-Map® Dysbiosis Test Lx is the first CE marked gut microbiota DNA analysis tool to identify and characterise dysbiosis from a faecal sample. This test provides a rapid, high-throughput analysis of a large number of individual faecal samples and provides a standardised approach to microbiota analysis.


  • 16s rRNA microbiota profiling

  • 48 DNA probes for standardised proficiency in testing

  • Probe set targets more than 300 species of bacteria

  • Comprehensive report from our unique software

  • Results compared to reference population

  • Access the test via our service laboratory or transfer the technology to your own lab

  • Stool sample collection kit for patient

  • Stools stable at room temperature for up to 5 days

  • DHL courier service included*

*UK mainland only, clinical use only. Contact for details.


  • Standardised and reproducible method for 16s rRNA analysis

  • Clinically validated and CE marked for IBS and IBD

  • Suitable for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment

  • Allows high throughput testing

  • Receive a Dysbiosis Index score



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