Preventis CalScreen. 10 tests

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Faecal Tests

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PreventID® CalScreen® is an immunochemical rapid test which screens for calprotectin in stool. It is used to differentiate between inflammatory and none-inflammatory bowel diseases.

With a pre-defined cut-off at 50 μg/g CalScreen enables the rapid screening of patients with chronic abdominal symptoms and the differentiation between inflammatory and non-inflammatory conditions.


The rapid determination of calprotectin in stools offers an effective way to exclude inflammatory bowel disease in a clinical setting without the need for laboratory equipment. CalScreen is calibrated against the well established Faecal Calprotectin ELISA from Immundiagnostik and so users can depend and act upon reliable results with confidence.


CalScreen can be used in a clinic or laboratory setting, in Primary or Secondary Care. Laboratories with low throughput or who regularly use external reference laboratories to provide Calprotectin testing services for samples derived from GPs and Primary Care settings can use CalScreen to screen out negative samples to reduce costs, enabling them to report results as <50μg/g.

The test device is composed of an immunochromatographic test cassette and Sample preparation tube pre-filled with extraction buffer for preparing the sample. The test is easy to use and takes just 10 minutes.

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  • Rapid Immunochromatographic test for Faecal Calprotectin

  • Cut-offs 50µg/g

  • Box of 10 tests

  • Kit comprises 10 x :

    • Test cassettes

    • Stool sample extraction tubes and sampling devices

    • Stool Sample collection papers

  • Results in 10 minutes:

    • Negative (<50µg/g)

    • Positive (>50µg/g)


  • Facilitates rapid decision making at the point of care

  • Supports the clinical diagnosis of IBS

  • Reduces referrals to secondary care and associated costs

  • Cost effective screening of samples for laboratories prior to quantitative analysis

  • Useful in clinical settings with no laboratory facility


Rapid Test

Storage (°C)

+4 to +30

Sample type



Laboratory / Clinic