Preventis QuantOn Cal Calprotectin Smart-test, 10 tests.

Preventis QuantOn Cal Calprotectin Smart-test, 10 tests.

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Clinical Background

Faecal Calprotectin determination is well recognised for its value in supporting the diagnosis and monitoring of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). When used alongside clinical assessments and therapeutic drug monitoring to monitor the course of disease it can help predict disease outcomes too.

Achieving deep remission in IBD is the optimal goal in the management of IBD. Becuase faecal Calprotectin correlates well with disease activity and histological improvement it is relied upon to provide objective evidence of disease activity. When a patient with IBD shows a raised faecal calprotectin is suggests that they have an increased risk of relapse within a few months. This early indication presents a window of opportunity for therapeutic intervention because if 

mucosal healing can be achieved, the risk of relapse and need for intensified therapeutics, or even surgery, will be reduced.

QuantOn Cal helps IBD teams Monitor IBD

It is agreed among experts that there is an increasing need to reconfigure IBD services to cope with the increasing demand on secondary care resources - both in terms of out patient clinics and endoscopy/imaging services. Enabling IBD patients to self-monitor their disease under the direction of their IBD team has the potential to free up clinic time and improve productivity.

Faecal calprotectin can now be tested by the patient themselves, any time and anywhere. Be it at home, work, or anywhere in the world, with the QuantOn Cal faecal calprotectin test a patient with IBD can be free from the hassles of travelling to hospital for review.

QuantOn Cal is a rapid, quantitative faecal calprotectin test combined with a Smart phone App that allows patients with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis to routinely test their stools for faecal calprotectin in the comfort and privacy of their home. The test comprises a rapid test cassette that detects calprotectin in a stool sample and a smart phone app that quantifies the result and transmits it securely to the patient’s IBD team.


This novel technology has the power to transform the way IBD is managed, enabling the patient to stay in the community, reduce hospital appointments and admissions and free up valuable clinic space in secondary care, all the while being virtually connected to their IBD team.