Pepsinogen II ELISA Kit, 96 wells

Pepsinogen II ELISA Kit, 96 wells

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Clinical Background

The BIOHIT Pepsinogen II ELISA is part of the GastroPanel® family of assays - a simple blood test for Primary Care that aids the diagnosis of dyspepsia by effectively ruling out diseases of the gastric mucosa characterised by Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) infection and atrophic gastritis.

Pepsinogen II concentration in blood reflects the structure and function of whole stomach mucosa. Its concentration in blood circulation increases in the case of stomach mucosal inflammation (gastritis). In most cases the reason for this is a Helicobacter pylori infection, but sometimes other factors are involved such as some drugs, bacterial, viral or parasitic infections, biliary reflux (rise of bile acids from the intestine to the stomach), strong spices or alcohol. Values more than 10 µg/l often refer to inflammation.

The Pepsinogen I/II ratio is used together with Pepsinogen I value for diagnosis of atrophy of the gastric body mucosa (atrophic gastritis of corpus). In the case of atrophic gastritis of corpus, the ratio decreases below 3.

Use Pepsinogen II as part of the complete GastroPanel® to help diagnose:


  • Healthy stomach mucosa. When the stomach mucosa is healthy, the cause of stomach symptoms is most likely to be functional dyspepsia or disease outside the stomach.

  • Acid dysregulation

  • H. pylori infection

  • Atrophic gastritis (severely damaged and dysfunctional stomach mucosa) and specifically the location of the disease, e.g. corpus, antrum, or both mucosa


GastroPanel® consists of four ELISAs and can be set up in any local laboratory or can be requested via BIOHIT's Service Laboratory.