H. pylori Control+ (Urease positive Control)

H. pylori Control+ (Urease positive Control)

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Clinical Background

Urease tests that are used routinely in endoscopy to aid the diagnosis of Hp at the point of care offer significant benefits over alternative diagnostic methods such as histopathology and culture. By enabling the rapid diagnosis during gastroscopy ultra fast urease tests have helped transform the quality of endoscopy services in recent years.

When using urease tests it is important to be able to demonstrate that the tests are consistently accurate and fit for use. This can be achieved by using a simple Control to demonstrate the reliablility and reproducibility of the test.

For this, BIOHIT manufactures a urease solution - a useful control solution that contains the target enzyme that the tests are designed to detect. By using the BIOHIT Control+ solution daily, your endoscopy unit can not only demonstrate that the results you obtain are valid for reporting, but also unveil any issues that the test may be suffering from.