Preventis CalDetect 50/200. 10 tests

Preventis CalDetect 50/200. 10 tests

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Clinical Background

Faecal Calprotectin is an exceptionally accurate and convenient marker for investigating bowel inflammation in patients presenting with abdominal symptoms, or monitoring patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Functional gastrointestinal disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) do not cause increased faecal Calprotectin concentrations, but organic abdominal disorders like IBD do. Patients with organic and functional gastrointestinal disorders of clinical significance often have faecal calprotectin levels of >200µg/g while those with functional gastrointestinal disorders who do not have significant inflammation of the intestinal mucosa normally have calprotectin levels of <50µg/g.

A rapid test for faecal Calprotectin that can differentiate the two conditions in a clinic or laboratory setting is useful for directing patients along appropriate care pathways. CalDetect 50/200 is a simple, non-invasive, rapid method to quickly selecting patients for referral or to accurately rule out inflammatory bowel diseases with high probability, based on semi-quantitative results:

  • Positive (>200µg/g; refer for further investigation)

  • Indeterminate (>50 <200µg/g; consider clinical presentation and retest)

  • Negative (<50µg/g; manage in Primary care)

Normalisation of faecal Calprotectin levels after therapeutic intervention means that the goal of mucosal healing has been achieved. CalDetect 50/200 is a useful tool that enables clinicians to follow up treatment and categorise patients according to their faecal calprotectin result. Therefore CalDetect 50/200 is useful for both Primary care and Secondary care use when a rapid result is needed.

Need a rapid Quantitative test for your IBD patients? Consider Smart technology

Recent technological advances have empowered IBD patients by enabling them to self-monitor their faecal calprotectin at home, work, or anywhere in the world whilst remaining connected to their IBD care team via smart apps. QuantOn Cal (KST11002GP) is a Smart phone based IBD app that allows patients with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis to routinely test their stools for faecal calprotectin in the comfort and privacy of their home. The test comprises a rapid test cassette that detects calprotectin in a stool sample and a smart phone app that quantifies the result and transmits it to the patient’s IBD team. This incredible technology has the power to transform the way IBD is managed, enabling the patient to stay in the community, reduce hospital appointments and admissions and free up valuable clinic space in secondary care, all the while being virtually connected to their IBD team.

Read more about QuantOn Cal here.