Dynex DSX 4-plate Automated ELISA processor

Product family:
ELISA Automate
Product Code:
ELISA Automate

Product Information:

The DSX is a fully-automated, 4-plate processing system that is capable of performing multiple assays per plate. The DSX’s modular design provides flexible configuration and was developed with ease-of-use in mind. The DSX incorporates many features that ensure the quality and security of results and has the performance to handle a wide variety of assays. Simply put, the DSX offers flexible and reliable sample-in/result-out processing for true walkaway automation.


Modular design

DSX’s modular design facilitates easy upgrades, repairs and reconfiguration. The following modules can be quickly and easily removed and/or installed on the DSX:


  • Reader

  • Washer

  • Incubators (space for four)

  • Sample ID

  • Ambient Drawer

  • Electronics Pod (standard)


Modularity enables simple Upgrades. As your laboratory needs grow, the DSX can be easily upgraded by sliding a new module into an existing position. The DSX software automatically recognises the new module.


  • Process up to 4 plates

  • User friendly graphical software

  • Up to 4 incubators

  • Capacity for 96 sample tubes

  • Sample tips (4 x 108)

  • 12 x 8 Deep Well pre-dilution strips

  • Linear shaker 14-20 Hz

  • Up to 12 assays per plate

  • 8-channel washer

  • 4 x 2 L wash bottles

  • Options: integrated bar code reader, LIMS-interface software


  • Several Modular options

  • Complete customisation (please enquire)