BIOHIT Analyser Automated ELISA processor

Product family:
ELISA Automate
Product Code:
ELISA Automate

Product Information:

The BIOHIT Analyser is full of unique features such as intelligent racks, high precision liquid handler, orbital microplate shaker, build-in barcode reader, convection incubator, and even an on-board camera.


The analyser provides complete, walk-away automation of up to 192 patient samples. It has the smallest footprint of any comparable instrument and therefore can be placed on a standard 60 cm lab bench. Completely open architecture allows any ELISA protocol to be programmed and run on up to eight different assays simultaneously.


An optional CLIA add-on is available, enabling the platform to process chemiluminescence assays as well. The BIOHIT Analyser provides a compact, cost-efficient and completely open system to automate BIOHIT HealthCare's GastroPanel or any other ELISA assays


  • Intelligent slide in racks - for easy sample loading

  • High accuracy dispensing - 1 ul with 3% CV

  • LED-photometer

  • Convection Incubator

  • Integrated camera - to support service

  • Orbital shaker

  • Smallest size automate - fits easily on to typical 60 cm lab bench

  • Support standard commercial labware, no extra costs

  • LIMS-suported

  • CLIA-option


  • CLIA add on module