BIOHIT BW50 Microplate Washer

Product family:
Microplate Washer
Product Code:
ELISA Automate

Product Information:

As a self-contained and programmable instrument, the BW50 Microplate Washer encompasses all applications. It allows full control and precise fluidic delivery from the gentle dripping of a simple squeeze bottle to the full force of a pressure delivery system.


The BW50 Microplate Washer is the perfect companion for BIOHIT’s BP-series readers. The on-board software of the BW50 was designed to be programmed in the same format as the BP 800/808 Microplate Readers. This commonality allows the laboratory technician to easily develop both washing and data reduction protocols for those analytes of interest.


  • Washes single strips or full plates

  • Syringe drive fluid delivery system for precise operation

  • 75 custom protocols

  • AutoPrime feature

  • Bottom washing and crosswise aspiration

  • For Immunoassay, DNA Probe and cellular assays

  • Ready programmed for BIOHIT assays (optional)


  • 12-channel wash head

  • 16-channel wash head (for 384 well plates)