BIOHIT BP808 Microplate Reader

Product family:
Microplate Reader
Product Code:
ELISA Automate

Product Information:

The BP808 Microplate Reader has all the features of a modern microplate reader providing ready programmed assay protocols for BIOHIT ELISAs. Integrated keypad with LCD-display supported by menu-driven software with extensive on-board data analysis.


The BP808 Microplate reader also features 8-channel optics to deliver fast read times and kinetic reading functionality and 4-Zone temperature control for precise control during assay incubation.

This powerful microplate reader has extensive on-board data reduction with curve-fitting, cut-off calculation, data transformation and validation capabilities. In addition to the printer interface, the instrument has a serial interface to be controlled with a computer for further processing and distribution of data.


  • 8-channel photometer for 96-well plates

  • Extensive on-board data analysis

  • Data output to PC or Printer

  • End point, kinetic and well scanning modes

  • Includes curve-fitting, transformations and control validation

  • 55 user programmable protocols

  • IU-model option with incubation and shaking, and 340-900 nm

  • On-board diagnostic testing of optical and performance specification

  • Includes Gen5 RC Software

  • Full data reduction software option


  • UV option

  • Custom wavelength filters